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Yoga Practitioner since 1992.
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Private & Group Yoga Therapeutics since 2007.
Continuing Education for Mind-Body Professionals since 2008.
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"Mary Richards' yoga classes combine humor, intensity, caring and real knowledge of human anatomy. Her classes have the gentleness and compassion needed for beginners as well as the challenge required for advanced students and she offers modifications within each posture to meet the needs of each particular class and individual.  She obviously not only teaches yoga but lives it, and finds ways to help her students develop their own daily practice as a support for their particular physical or spiritual aims." -- Jonathan U.
"Years ago, I stopped going to yoga classes — poor cues and sequences caused injuries. And yoga’s spiritual dimensions were rarely discussed. When I met Mary Richards, my knees and thoracic spine hurt, my strength and posture were poor. With her anatomically respectful cuing, insightful asana sequencing and graduated lessons, all that changed. This stems from her brilliant, nuanced academic and intuitive knowledge of the body’s anatomy, mind and spirit. Mary’s warmth, creativity and humor are a joy. And, she seamlessly layers her exquisite understanding of the eight limbs of yoga into the classes. Like many who meet her, and study with her, I feel extraordinarily lucky to work with such a world-class teacher." -- Caroline A.
"I have practiced yoga with Mary for eight years and feel blessed to have her as a guide through my yoga journey. She infuses her classes with her knowledge, wit and joy. She has pushed me through my external and internal boundaries. She combines her compassion, knowledge of anatomy, and decades of practice and teaching to ensure my practice is right for me — all of the benefits, none of the injury. I often sweat, laugh and cry in the same session and always leave feeling more physically and emotionally connected to myself and the world." -- Debra L.

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"Mary is one of the most gifted and passionate yoga teachers I’ve known.  Her depth of knowledge of anatomy and skills in the yoga therapy field elevate her classes well beyond the typical yoga class, and she instills a real sense of body awareness in her students.  Beginning with the first class I took with Mary, I knew I was safe in her hands.  My physical concerns were such that I gravitated to classes that included safe practices and didn’t succumb to advocating the glitzy and unsafe poses promoted in the media.  She is the only teacher I completely trust for hands-on adjustments.  Mary is the embodiment of a safe and intelligent yoga teacher, and honors the traditions of yoga.  Even though I moved from the Northern Virginia area and can no longer benefit from her classes, I will always refer to her as 'my teacher.'" -- Kittie M. 
"When Mary first crossed my path, I was just emerging for a lifetime of depression. I had a serious anxiety disorder, chronic widespread joint pain, extremely impaired emotional health and a hip injury. With the practice Mary shares and guides me through, I have been able to create a sense of comfort and stability in my life. I have been gifted with tools to aid me through a difficult life. Her gentle nature, kind heart and beautiful passion leave me with a sense of safety and hope. Her knowledge of the yogic system, the body and everyone's personal conditions assure you that you are getting the best. I simply would not be as healthy and content today if I had never practiced with her." -- Courtney P.

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"I knew yoga was the right way for me to regain mobility after West Nile Virus ravaged my joints. I found myself serendipitously in a class led by Mary Richards. I will never forget the day when Mary made an adjustment on me during a hip opening sequence in one of her classes. It was a profound moment — there was a loud pop but a release so sweet that I wept. Because until that moment, I never believed that I would be able to move freely without pain ever in my life again. I had been suffering with limited painful motion for two years. As a former off-Broadway dancer and life-long practitioner of yoga, this was a hard pill for me to swallow — but I had come to accept it with as much grace as I could. That expert adjustment brought tears of joy and in an instant, I knew I would dance, move and live my life as I once knew it again. Mary is that assuring. She has the hands of wisdom, compassion and most importantly of all, she knows anatomy. I've had many yoga "teachers" — most, merely by-products of the industrial commercial 'yoga-teacher-training-machine.' Mary Richards is a Master Teacher of the old school style. A sagacious resource of proper alignment, proper sequencing in a safe environment."
-- Be Sweetman